Advertisements are essential for streamers looking to make money doing what they love. There is a reason why all of the largest streamers continue to show ads.  One benefit is that you can be more flexible in your monetization strategy. If you want to make a living off of streaming then you can show more ads than if you just wanted to save up a little for some new stream gear. One problem many streamers immediately run into is that the full-screen ads that many platforms show for you are distracting and don't make you much money at all. If this sounds like you then welcome! Let's go over some of the ways that make IGNTE the best way to show ads on live streams.

Conventional full-screen ads are distracting and near-worthless

It is no surprise that one of the most requested features by Twitch streamers is to remove pre-roll ads and increase the revenue share on mid-roll ads. Both of these are distracting in a way that oftentimes costs streams more than they are worth. There is not much users can do to avoid pre-roll ads, but it is easy to not show any mid-roll ads. Why would anyone do this? With IGNTE you can be making more money than the pennies you earn with conventional mid-roll ads. Another benefit is that you get more control over the ads that show through IGNTE. This means happier viewers and more money in your pocket every month.

I said that full-screen ads are near-worthless but the reality for many streamers is that they are detrimental. If you are one of the many streamers that feel cheated by full-screen ads then it might be time to stop showing them and start using IGNTE instead

IGNTE integrates with ease for individual streamers and organizations

Getting set up using IGNTE is easier than just about any other platform out there. Simply add the browser source to your stream, create an ad, and go live. Let's talk for a moment about why this works so well for esports organizations. One org on IGNTE has over 30 members that stream regularly. Before finding IGNTE the creator of the org would individually send out graphics to every streamer and then beg for each of them to go and add it to their recording software. The days of wasting time doing this are behind you. With IGNTE you just need the streamers to add a single browser source and then you can show as many images and videos as you would like.

IGNTE integrates further by allowing you to instantly update any ads currently being shown. This means you can change links, captions, and more with ease. With IGNTE you can say hello to a future where you have more time and your org is more professional.

More data means your streams are better and your viewers are happier

Would you like to be able to see how every ad you show is performing? Want to see how daily streams compare to each other or, if you are an org, how each and every one of your streamers are doing. Hopefully, you said yes because data is easily one of the best tools when it comes to showing ads and bettering streams.

The IGNTE Reports page is the secret tool that you get to have access to. It is your advantage over other streams, your lifeline when things aren't making sense, and your greatest ally when it comes to getting sponsorships. Other streams won't be able to test and refine what they do which means you aren't wasting time or losing viewers because of bad ads. Streaming is not an easy task, but having data means you can keep things clear. Most of all, data is the single best piece of content you can provide to possible sponsors. It is your concrete means of convincing them that you and your streams are worth their time and investment. If you have struggled with getting sponsors, feel like you aren't making enough money, or don't know where to start then IGNTE is here for you.

IGNTE is a step ahead of the competition

Another year has come and gone and the major platforms still have not realized exactly what streamers need. IGNTE was created by streamers for streamers. This gives us a leg up on the competition, an inside mindset to the problems, and most of all an understanding of what it truly means to be a streamer.

If you want to make more money, save time, lower stress, and have access to cutting-edge data then IGNTE is for you. Become a better streamer in less than 10 minutes!