It might seem like there are no good ways for newer streamers to make money while live. Affiliate links are time-consuming. Donation goals and subscriber pushes will annoy viewers. Running advertisements makes too little every month. What can you do?

If you have searched this before then you have seen the same answers over and over again. Those options aren't exactly wrong but they miss one key detail. There is an easier solution out there for streamers who are looking to make money while they stream. In this article, I will be going over the two best options currently available.

The free and best way for streamers to make money immediately

All you need to do is sign up at this website, add a browser source to your stream, and then you are done. Sit back, stream, and watch the money start coming in. Easier than affiliate links, quicker than finding advertisers, and more lucrative than midroll ads.

Our platform allows users to join an ad network the moment they sign up. This lets streamers focus on what they are good at, streaming, and we will take care of the rest. Newer streamers may be hesitant to run ads because they fear it will turn viewers away. However, studies have shown that most people do not mind seeing short advertisements if it means supporting the content creator. In fact, many people will appreciate that you are giving them a way to support you without having to pay anything themselves.

Plus, it is completely free to do this. We don't charge you a thing to run ads on your stream. Our ads are less intrusive than full-screen ads and can make you more money.

The best way for streamers to leverage their current advertisements

If you are already running advertisements on your live stream then our platform can still help you. IGNTE is the best ad management tool around after all. All you need to do is add your current advertisements into our platform and then you can manage them from a single place. This means streamers with multiple partners or affiliate links will save time.

We also have an industry-leading reporting system that will give you control over your ads. See important metrics and optimize your ads to make more money.

Sound too good to be true? That is what some of our largest ongoing partners thought before they used the platform. We continue to work with fan engagement revolutionary ARterra and esports powerhouse Ghost Gaming.  

Because you deserve to stream full-time

There is no easier way to increase your live streaming revenue without having to do any extra work. That means you can finally take the first steps to streaming as a full-time job. Don't wait! Head to our website to get started.