One of the most common ways to make money on Twitch is through midroll ads. However, these payouts have been steadily decreasing over the years. Even the recent "increase" in pay was just a ploy for Twitch to take more money from streamers.

You have finally grown an audience and have been showing ads for weeks. Now, you look at your account to see just a few dollars or maybe even less. So what are you to do?

Keep reading of course! I have the secrets you have been looking for. The solution you didn't know existed. The first steps on your journey to becoming one of the greatest streamers live.

How streamers can make more money off of Twitch midroll ads

If you want to stick with mid-rolls then keep reading this section. If you want to move on to something better that will make you more money then skip to the next section.

  1. Get more viewers. More viewers mean you get paid more every time an ad is shown. I wrote an article on The 5 best widgets to add to OBS and Streamlabs that will help you increase average viewers.
  2. Better integrate midrolls into your stream. Tell viewers something exciting is coming but you need to take a quick break and then show the ads. Twitch wants to take this control away from streamers so who knows how long this will work.
  3. That's it.

Making more money with midrolls really comes down to those two things. Have more viewers and show more ads without annoying those viewers. That's why:

The best way to make more money with midrolls is to stop using them

They are more bad than good and will likely lose you money in the long term. Instead, make money showing ads through a better platform. IGNTE is exactly that.

With IGNTE, you get paid to show an ad but there are some key differences that make IGNTE better than midroll ads.

  1. IGNTE ads are smaller and do not interrupt your stream
  2. You make 90% of every ad shown which is almost double what you make with Twitch ads (proof)
  3. You have more control over the ads that are shown
  4. IGNTE is transparent with how much you get paid unlike Twitch

How do I take control of my stream and get started with IGNTE?

We have worked with hundreds of streamers to ensure our onboarding is as smooth as possible. The best place to start is our website where you can click in the top-right to create your account. Our website also has an estimate calculator where you can see how much you could make with IGNTE.

For a video walkthrough and a live demo of what it will look like on your stream click here.